Reviews Beeasy Iphone Vii 6S Heavy Duty Ip68 Case

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While a outcry illustration makes a outcry heavier together with bulkier, there is zero similar the peace of hear of knowing you lot won’t live damaging it! If you lot ain an iPhone vii together with role it inward wet together with dusty conditions, you lot desire a heavy duty outcry illustration similar the Beeasy IP68 rubberized case to proceed your precious iPhone protected.

The front end of the casing of the Beeasy iPhone illustration has a built-in covert protector then if your iPhone has already a covert protector you lot volition involve to take it for touching covert usability.

The covert protector also features a round out groove to operate the iPhone habitation push clitoris Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor (works merely equally skillful equally without the case).

The plastic covert protector has a reflective glossy finish, you lot tin yet thought the outcry covert at a normal viewing angle fifty-fifty nether potent sunlight. It’s skillful also that the covert protector is slightly raised then the border of the illustration is higher than the outcry screen.

The rubberized sections of the Beeasy iPhone illustration are send upon resistant thank you lot to the safe beingness made of TPU which is a difficult plastic alongside soft silicone stuff admixture.

The transcend together with bottom covers of the Beeasy iPhone waterproof illustration are made of difficult plastic piece the pith together with sides are made alone of TPU, making the Beeasy outcry illustration enterprise together with rattling grippy then it does non skid from your hands nor slide on the desk.

Removal of the transcend comprehend is done yesteryear removing the 6 allen screws, which is pretty straightforward. It’s swell that 2 allen tools together with spare allen screws are bundled alongside the Beeasy heavy duty case.

the dark point is the mute switch 

The Beeasy rugged illustration also has protective openings for the iPhone vii speakers at the bottom to halt dust together with H2O then book levels are a piddling flake reduced but non then much that nobody tin hear you lot on loudspeaker. Saying this, you lot ever convey the option to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth headset.

The Beeasy iPhone waterproof illustration has an IP68 waterproof rating then it tin grip upwards to four meters of H2O depth for upwards to four hours then it would live perfect for scuba diving. While at that topographic point is no bounding main nearby to examination out the waterproofing depth, the Beeasy iPhone illustration did cash inward one’s chips the “paper test” yesteryear placing newspaper within the illustration for the showtime fourth dimension to meet if H2O finds its agency in.

The charging port door is normally a weak betoken inward almost waterproof outcry cases but the Beeasy iPhone illustration has a thick pop-up comprehend seal alongside a hinge that prevents the pop-up comprehend from falling down.

The charging port hole is big plenty likewise to friction match the master iPhone vii charging cable.

 slot to loop a lanyard (included)

The side buttons for the book together with sleep/wake buttons convey a skillful tactile feedback. There is also a piddling dark plastic flake on the left transcend corner of the Beeasy illustration to operate the iPhone mute switch push clitoris upwards together with down.

When the Beeasy illustration gets dingy together with builds-up moisture, you lot tin run it nether the H2O tap and/or wipe off the covert alongside the included fabric to take smudges.

The full length of the Beeasy iPhone vii illustration is fifteen cm long, 8.5cm broad together with 1.5cm thick together with weighs 200 grams. The iPhone vii weighs 138 grams lone then the full weight is 338 grams which is pretty hefty for a outcry accessory but considering the expense of an iPhone 7, the extra weight makes it worthwhile.

As far equally fit, the actual compartment where the iPhone vii sits fits the iPhone vii snugly within the Beeasy iPhone case. You tin also friction match an iPhone 6S perfectly within the Beeasy illustration equally both the iPhone vii together with iPhone 6S convey the exact same trunk size (138.3mm long x 67.1mm broad x 7.1 mm thick) together with 4.7-inch retina screen.

Lifetime Warranty
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