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Whether is for personal files or concern security, at that topographic point are many reasons why you lot would desire the sensitive information on a USB flash campaign to hold upward secure. If you lot are inward the marketplace for a secure flash campaign that plant alongside whatever operating organisation without whatever software or drivers, await no farther than a solution similar the diskAshur 2 difficult drivedatAshur PRO or datAshur Personal 2 by iStorage!

key band hole to attach to keys

The datAshur Personal 2 is a USB 3.0 flash campaign that features AES 256-bit XTS military machine degree hardware encryption, an on-board rechargeable battery (charges amount inward 1 hour), 3 LEDs, a fundamental push too a 10-digit alphanumeric keypad for entering a vii to fifteen digit PIN earlier gaining access to the information on the drive.

weighs 13.7 grams
The 2 LEDs on top lite upward reddish (lock) too dark-green (unlock). The fundamental push is used to activate the flash campaign too to move inward PIN codes. 
LED indicators meaning

The bluish LED on the bottom indicates action of the flash drive. When the LED lights upward enterprise blue, it agency the flash campaign is connected to the computer. When the LED flashes blue, it agency information is existence transferred.

dimensions: 83 x 17.4 mm x 9.5 mm

The datAshur Personal 2 flash campaign comes preset alongside a default user PIN (1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4), which you lot easily modify via the kepad. The user PIN requirements include entering a PIN betwixt vii too fifteen digits long without repetitive nor consecutive let on patterns.

changing user pin

The datAshur Personal 2 flash campaign plant past times starting fourth dimension unlocking the campaign too thus inserting inward the USB port. While inserted inward the USB port, you lot cannot modify the user PIN nor unlock the drive. With that said, should the built-in battery inward the flash campaign run flat, you lot tin unlock the flash campaign past times inserting it inward the USB port. Also, if you lot brand a error when entering a novel user PIN or abort the “new-pin entry process”, the datAshur Personal 2 flash campaign volition boot the bucket on your quondam PIN.

creating novel admin pin

After changing the user PIN, you lot thus practise an Admin PIN alongside the same PIN requirements equally the user PIN. After both user too admin pins are set, you lot directly induce got 2 ways to access the datAshur Personal 2 flash campaign thus you lot tin give someone else “read-only user access” field you lot boot the bucket on admin access. As the admin of the flash drive, you lot tin reset the user PIN too disable too enable “write protect” on the flash drive.

To move inward admin mode, you lot require to press the fundamental push twice too thus move inward the admin password too press the fundamental push once. To move inward user mode, you lot press the fundamental push once, move inward the user password too thus press the fundamental push once.

changing admin pin
All the information transferred to the datAshur Personal 2 secure flash campaign is encrypted inward existent fourth dimension cheers to 100% hardware encryption and SHA 2 algorithm alongside SHA256 hash component which generates an almost-unique 256-bit (32-byte) signature of text information contained inward the flash drive.

The flash campaign automatically locks itself when unplugging it from the USB port. The dataAshur Personal 2 USB stick likewise features a Timeout Lock characteristic that allows you lot to manually ready to whatever fourth dimension you lot want.

3 years warranty

The datAshur Personal 2 likewise has a few other security features such equally Read-Only Write Protection thus information cannot hold upward written to the flash drive, equally good equally defensive hacking against creature strength attacks so you lot won’t induce got to worry most someone trying to fissure your password.

When the datAshur Personal 2 flash campaign detects a hacking endeavour (10 unsuccessful attempts to unlock) both the user PIN too admin PIN (a.k.a. cryptographic parameters) volition hold upward zeroed. This agency that the PINs volition reset too the information volition hold upward erased from the flash drive. You volition require to thus practise novel user too admin PINs too format the flash drive.

resetting flash drive

There is likewise a way to reset the datAshur Personal campaign inward example you lot forget the PINs. Resetting the flash campaign also allows you lot to brand the flash campaign writable again.

The datAshur Personal 2 AES 256 combat flash drive has read too write speeds of 139 MB/s read too 43 MB/s write when inserted inward a USB 3.0 port. Transferring a i gigabyte painting exhibit to the dataAshur Personal 2 stick takes exclusively seconds.

datAshur Personal 2 plant alongside Windows, MAC, Linux, Thin Clients, Android & Embedded Systems.
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