Reviews Hooke Poesy Mobile Binaural 3D Well Bluetooth Headphones!

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Hooke Verse is a compact 2-in-1 Bluetooth microphone as well as Bluetooth headphones solution that lets y’all capture wireless as well as wired binaural 3D well to a smartphone, well recorder or digital camera.

Even though Hooke Verse alone uses ii stereo microphones, it’s able to attain broad stereo separation past times cleverly harnessing the acoustics of the human ear to reproduce truthful 3D recording of sounds higher upwardly you, below you, inward front end as well as behind you.

With a solution such equally the Hooke Verse you tin tape mobile binaural 3D audio and anyone alongside a regular twain of stereo headphones volition live able listen your recordings inward 3D audio!

Instead of beingness integrated inward a dummy head, similar most binaural microphones do, Hooke Verse microphones are designed to live worn on your ears patch recording well to accept payoff of the agency ears naturally reverberate as well as deflect sound. You are essentially able to capture your real ain surroundings well inward a much to a greater extent than accessible format as well as from the comfort of your smartphone.

What’s non bad virtually Hooke Verse is that it tin also business office equally a wired 3D mic to capture binaural well via a GoPro activity photographic boob tube camera (Hero iii or higher), plain recorder, DSLR photographic boob tube camera or professional person studio-grade audio/video equipment.

Hooke Verse is able to capture 3D well via the accompanying Hooke Audio app which transforms the Hooke Verse headphones into 3D well microphones. You tin tape 3D well video or exactly audio.

Hooke Verse records 3D video well inward 720p (1280 x 720) at xxx frames per minute alongside 14 megabits per minute frame rate.

The Hooke 3D well app has a real simple, slowly to purpose interface as well as hence y’all don’t exceed away an overwhelming feeling similar y’all arrive at alongside portable recorders as well as their extensive menus. The Hooke app features a battery bird icon, gain level, tape push as well as recording duration.

You tin fifty-fifty adjust the monitoring bird via your smartphones book buttons as well as also adjust the microphones’ gain independently from each other past times dragging downward upwardly or downward on the screen.

The Hooke Verse app lets y’all capture smartphone video/audio inward 2D (stereo) as well as 3D well recordings as well as portion them from your telephone to whatever device. The app also automatically changes orientation from landscape to portrait, which is neat.

In wired mode, Hooke Verse uses a reel two-way cable alongside a micro USB connector, 3.5 mm well jack as well as USB 2.0 mini B (digital 10-pin).

The micro USB halt connects into the Hooke Verse charging port flipping a pivot within the micro USB port that turns the Hooke Verse headset into a wired 3D well microphone

Hooke Verse is non waterproof nor travail resistant

The housing of the hooke Verse are made of thermoplastic material, including the nozzle tips which receive got an angled positioning against the housing that helps to continue the earphones inward your ears.

Compared to using a portable plain recorder hooked to your camera, the Hooke Verse is as well as hence much to a greater extent than versatile because it’s an all-in-one solution as well as hence y’all don’t receive got to convey extra equipment alongside you.
Plus, Hooke Verse is  much easier to purpose likewise because y’all don’t receive got to tweak some recording settings nor receive got to motility the recorded 3D well files from an SD card into your estimator to sync into the video.

With the Hooke Verse, at that topographic point is virtually no travel involved equally video as well as binaural well is recorded at the same fourth dimension from your smartphone addition the adaptive racket isolation characteristic built-in apace removes background noise, rumble, as well as air current inward existent fourth dimension which is neat.

reset pinhole button

The Hooke Verse tin tape pretty adept wireless well without whatever noticeable lag fifty-fifty at iii meters away which is pretty impressive. The character of the Hooke Verse well recording is fifty-fifty meliorate alongside to a greater extent than exceptional via the wired connection.

charging port doubles also equally the wired trend input

You are able to tape to a greater extent than things inward binaural alongside the Hooke Verse addition the headset is compatible alongside Android, iPhone, GoPro, DSLR as well as tin live used equally Bluetooth headphones alongside hands costless calling back upwardly (for Android devices only).

Pairing the Hooke Verse to a smartphone industrial plant the same agency equally pairing whatever other Bluetooth device. You concur downward the push until the blueish lite starts flashing reddish rapidly. Turning wired trend is slowly too. You only connect the included cable into the micro USB port as well as the Hooke Verse automatically turns into a wired 3D well microphone.

silicone/foam ear tips included
hooke poetry mic spare covers
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