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Down of water-birds (waterfowls) is a fantastic natural fluffy insulator used inwards the making of the pop downward plume jacket.

Compared to regular wintertime jackets, downward filled jackets produce a amend chore at keeping y’all cushty warm; however, the work amongst downward jackets is that birds larn harmed inwards the procedure of getting their feathers, making downward jackets a difficult selection for those amongst a conscious.

side zipper pocket

Fortunately though, at that spot are downward choice wintertime jackets such equally the Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Adventure Jacket which is downward gratuitous but performs real much similar a high-fill ability downward jacket regaining its loftiness (fluffiness) fifty-fifty afterwards beingness compressed within a backpack.

LoftTek synthetic down

The Outdoor Vitals LoftTek Adventure Jacket is made of 525+ fill upwards ability synthetic downward made to mimic the H2O resistance of waterfowl downward together with feathers although no man-made synthetic genuinely comes closed to the mighty insulating powers of waterfowl down.

While synthetic downward jackets aren’t equally insulating equally natural downward jackets, synthetic downward jackets convey an payoff together with that is they don’t lose their loftiness when moisture similar downward jackets do.

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket synthetic downward looks together with feels similar the soft, fluffy undercoating of waterfowls together with the best purpose is that birds were non take away harmed inwards the making of the jacket.

Compared to regular down, the LoftTek Adventure Jacket “does what it says on the tin” together with that is y’all tin laissez passer the axe larn the jacket fully together with completely soaked inwards H2O without the LoftTek jacket becoming a heavy purse of moisture feathers. 

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket synthetic fiber filling is non made of a natural stuff similar cotton, which is a natural hypoallergenic, but it uses siliconized polyester filling which repels allergens together with bacteria preventing allergic reactions.

The LofTek synthetic downward is hydrophobic downward hence it repels H2O via a Durable-water-repellent (DWR) coating applied to it the same way equally pelting jacket shells. 

The DWR coating is the argue why the LofTek synthetic downward is able to maintain loft together with retain warmth fifty-fifty when wet. However, DWR does non final forever together with does comprise flourcarbons or PFCs which are toxic chemicals similar to BPA.

It’s unclear whether the LoftTek Adventure Jacket is DWR PFC gratuitous but most top outdoor clothing brands including The North Face, Patagonia, Gore-Tex together with Arc’teryx exercise PFC chemic for their DWR coatings.


Speaking of top brands, the LoftTek Adventure Jacket does a expert chore at rivaling its take away competitor The North Face Thermoball hooded jacket past times offering additional features such equally underarm zippers, elastic cuffs together with thumbholes to preclude the sleeves from rolling upwards when extending the arms.

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket stitching has a baffle box structure similar to the stitching of duvets hence the shell of the LoftTek Adventure Jacket is sewn inwards stitched pockets which are hence stuffed amongst thinly scattered down.

Compared to other downward jackets, the LoftTek downward stuffing is minimal together with translucent hence low-cal tin laissez passer the axe genuinely piece of work past times through the jacket.

If y’all ain a high fill upwards ability (900+) downward jacket, y’all won’t uncovering the LoftTek jacket equally fluffy; but it’s worth keeping inwards take away heed that the LoftTek jacket is an ultralight synthetic downward jacket that weighs exclusively 400 grams together with is much to a greater extent than breathable together with faster to dry out than a natural downward jacket afterwards beingness washed.

As far equally temperature range, the LoftTek Adventure Jacket is able to piece of work along its coziness inwards the damp together with mutual coldness English linguistic communication atmospheric condition of Feb performing good nether freezing (approx. -1 Celsius) and humid conditions. 

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket has a unisex pattern hence the jackets suits both manlike someone together with woman someone although it’s worth noting that the LoftTek Adventure Jacket has an athletic lucifer amongst a hip length pattern that drapes over your hips together with your bottom.

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket is designed to live a fitted jacket some the waist hence if y’all convey broad hips, y’all may involve to larn a couples of sizes upwards to accommodate your hips together with bottom.

cord lock
adjustable hem jacket

The LoftTek jacket hem is adjustable hence y’all tin laissez passer the axe ever tighten the cord lock drawstring toggles on the hem of the jacket together with plication the hem upwards towards the waist if y’all don’t desire the jacket hanging over your thighs.

smooth zippers

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket hood is likewise insulated together with waterproof amongst a high cervix null upwards together with 2 cord lock drawstring toggles on the front end together with one cord lock drawstring toggle on the dorsum of the hood to accommodate the hood some your human face upwards together with tighten the dorsum of your head.

The bully affair virtually the high cervix null upwards is that y’all tin laissez passer the axe have on it without the hood, turning the LoftTek Adventure Jacket into a high cervix jacket.

made inwards Bangladesh

The stuff materials used for the shell is made of 20D ripstop breathable nylon coated amongst “VitalDry” Durable-water-repellent (DWR) coating, making the jacket durable together with H2O resistant hence H2O literary rolls off the jacket.

back of hood cord lock

Having said this, DWR isn’t the same equally waterproof but having DWR coated on the shell way it helps the shell shed H2O together with dry out faster when wet.

zipper insulated pocket

The LoftTek Adventure Jacket zipper pockets are sewed-in behind the downward insulation of the jacket, which is protected past times 10D ripstop nylon lining fabric.

Even though 20D stuff is heavier together with less breathable than 10D material, it’s prissy that the LoftTek uses 20D stuff for the shell because it has a higher abrasion resistance together with because 20D stuff has a windproofness of 1cfm (Cubic Feet per Minute), which is almost windproof. H5N1 regular pelting jacket together with fleece convey a stuff windproofness of 0.6cfm together with 195cfm respectively.

In the number that y’all rip or tear the LoftTek Adventure Jacket, you won’t convey to worry virtually losing the filling because the LoftTek downward is made of continuous strands of siliconized polyester rather than lose feathers.

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