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Once upon a time, the only people who wore headphones were audiophiles in addition to anime/ manga fans, but instantly everyone wears them!

If yous are into fashion and/or into high-fidelity sound reproduction the Paww PureSound over the ear headphones are definitely worth a minute look, specially if you’re looking for stylish anime grapheme trend bluish headphones.

The Paww PureSound headphones characteristic bluish denim stuff on the sides of the earcups in addition to on the transcend of the adjustable sparse headband

The PU leather earpads are comfortable on the ears thank yous to depression clamping forcefulness in addition to soft foam cushioning. You tin flame vesture the PureSound headphones for long stretches of fourth dimension every bit yous hardly respect them on your caput thank yous to the depression weight structure (205 grams) in addition to ventilated earpads.

inner earpad perforated holes 

Speaking of earpads, the Paww PureSound earpads characteristic R in addition to L markings in addition to tin flame live removed from the earcups yesteryear twisting them anticlockwise.

The headphone housing is made of thermoplastic, acre the headband swivel hinge that attaches to the earcup is made of metal.

The Paww PureSound headphones run a CSR bluetooth fleck similar the bulk of wireless headphones in addition to other standalone bluetooth devices. CSR genuinely stands for “Cambridge Silicon Radio” who used to live a bluetooth fleck maker fellowship that was bought out yesteryear Qualcomm 4 years ago.

can connect to ii devices at the same time
The Paww PureSound headphones characteristic the latest bluetooth profiles (A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6, HSP 1.2 in addition to HFP 1.6) so yous are able to practice goodness from hands-free calling in addition to total sound playback. 
You tin flame skip tracks in addition to accommodate the book of sound streaming on your telephone remotely from the Paww PureSound headphones on-ear command buttons.

The Paww PureSound run Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity which is stable in addition to reliable inside a 10-meter make transmission. aptX-LL (low latency) is the bluetooth codec delivering the sound so yous instruct aptX sound character which is a pace upward inwards sound character from SBC which is the default codec used yesteryear the A2DP Bluetooth profile for all stereo wireless headphones.

It’s worth keeping inwards heed though that your telephone also has to back upward aptX for it to work. For instance, if yous ain an iPhone yous won’t live able to practice goodness from aptX sound because Apple’s iOS mobile operating organisation software currently does non back upward aptX.

headphone jack for wired mode

The equivalent of aptX for iPhone is the AAC codec which is sometimes supported yesteryear closed to headphones.

The Paww PureSound headphones direct hold no AAC back upward but they practice back upward A2DP so if your Android telephone does non back upward aptX, it volition automatically switch to SBC character which is non far off aptX sound quality.

The PureSound headphones are naturally apartment sounding alongside balanced treble in addition to bass across the 20Hz- 20kHz frequency answer range.

from left to right: mic, power/pair push in addition to micro USB port

If yous conception to run the PureSound headphones alongside a PlayStation 4 (PS4) yous should live aware that PS4 doesn’t back upward A2DP or whatsoever sound streaming Bluetooth profile so yous won’t live able to yoke the Paww PureSound headphones or whatsoever other Bluetooth device to the PS4.

aptX headphones don’t ever characteristic aptX Low Latency (aptX-LL) so it’s overnice that the Paww PureSound headphones integrate aptX-LL for audio-video synchronization without lag so yous tin flame run the Paww PureSound headphones for gaming or watching TV.  If yous only hear to music, latency is non an issue; hence aptX-LL won’t educate a difference.

There is no Ohm impedance rating listed for the PureSound headphones but it’s rubber to assume these are depression impedance headphones because they tin flame live driven easily from a smartphone. The lower the Ohm number, the easier it is to drive; so a 300 Ohm headphones volition ask a headphone amplifier.

The speaker driver size is 40mm. The  Paww PureSound headphones are rattling loud thank yous to high speaker sensitivity (97 dB/mW) which requires only 20mw of amplifier power to striking peaks of 110 dB which is swell if yous similar listening to music loud.

At twenty hours of battery life on medium/high volume, the Paww PureSound are long battery life bluetooth headphones.

flat micro USB cable

Charging fourth dimension takes 2.5 hours using a 5V/ 2A USB wall charger which is non included. During charging, the led indicator lights upward reddish in addition to so turns bluish when total accuse is complete.

1.2 meter long apartment sound cable

Included alongside the Paww PureSound headphones are a micro-USB charging cable, a 3.5 mm headphone sound cable in addition to a branded hard-shell acquit illustration to popular off on the headphones protected so yous tin flame accept them everywhere yous go.

earcups tin flame live swiveled 180 degrees

As far every bit hands-free communication, the Paww PureSound headphones perform rattling good thank yous to the cVc-integrated microphone which picks upward rattling piddling background noise.

The built-in microphone inwards the Paww PureSound headphones features the latest cVc 8.0 dissonance cancelling version which also reduces echoes inwards vocalisation calls that sometimes people tin flame hear on their terminate every bit they speak.

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