Reviews Sennheiser Laid Upward 860 Assistive Listening Boob Tube Headphones System

It is mutual for people amongst hearing difficulties to sentinel TV amongst other people via digital wireless headphones connected straight into the optical good output of the TV.

If you lot are inward the marketplace for a span of digital wireless headphones for TV or headphones for hard of hearing, reckon getting an assistive listening headphones organization similar the Set 860 past times Sennheiser for your TV set.

Frequency reply fifteen Hz – 16kHz

The Set 860 consists of a Sennheiser TR 860 transmitter amongst charging station in addition to a Sennheiser RR 800 stethoset digital FM receiver.

You tin flame connect the TR 860 transmitter to whatever digital or an analog good source similar a TV in addition to transmit “PCM” or “stereo” good sound. 
The TR 860 transmitter uses a 2.4 GHz wireless transmission, which is the same wireless band that most wireless gadgets usage but it doesn’t interfere thank you lot to a built-in characteristic inward the TR 860 transmitter that automatically changes the frequency betwixt 2,400 MHz in addition to 2,483.5 MHz to foreclose radio transmission interference amongst other wireless devices inward your home.

The Set 860 is inward essence a wireless digital headset amongst assistive listening functionality that improves the spoken communication clarity of TV dialogs without having to growth the volume. Unlike over-ear digital headphones, the Set 860 fits within the ear canals in addition to then you lot are non totally isolated from the surroundings to a greater extent than or less you.

Depending on your TV model, you lot tin flame connect either the digital cable or analog cable to the Set 860’s transmitter for digital or analog audio.

digital good cable
analog good cable

The optical out cable is the easiest means to connect in addition to then it’s precisely a thing of plugging it into the optical out of your TV in addition to changing the good format from the good bill of fare settings of your TV from bitstream or Dolby Digital to PCM.

On some TV models, similar the 2016 Samsung Smart UHD TV, the external TV speakers become muted automatically when connecting an optical cable because these TVs cannot split upward digital good simultaneously. In this case, you lot volition involve to usage the included analog cable via a “RCA to good adapter” or a “SCART to good adapter” to connect to the TV.

Operating the Set 860 stethoset receiver is slow thank you lot to large in addition to few buttons. In fact, in that location are entirely 3 buttons on the receiver itself. The ii large book buttons, located on the front, let you lot to book upward in addition to book down.

The 3rd push clit inward the stethoset receiver is located on the side of the unit of measurement in addition to it’s a minor push clit for increasing spoken communication intelligibility of the audio. The spoken communication intelligibility push clit industrial plant a chip similar dissonance cancellation technology past times essentially improving the phonation clarity of a TV programme past times minimizing the background noise. You tin flame optimize the good in addition to TV dialogue clarity via 3 dissimilar preset hearing profiles.

the Set 860 weigh entirely 61 grams

As far equally lucifer in addition to comfort, the Sennheiser stethoset receiver sits comfortably inward the ears in addition to the pattern is genuinely quite neat. The stethoset receiver has a pattern similar to the stethoscope acoustic medical device which doctors usage for listening to your heart.

As you lot clamp them below your mentum you lot tin flame habiliment spectacles or a chapeau without them getting inward the means of the stethoset receiver. The clamping strength of the stethoset receiver adjusts aromatically to your ears in addition to you lot hardly discovery them on equally they’re really lightweight.

The Set 860 wireless make is stable fifty-fifty through walls in addition to then you lot tin flame motility from room to room spell withal listening to a TV program. The wireless make depends on how far you lot are from the transmitter charging dock but you lot tin flame become good over threescore feet if it’s inward your line-of-sight.

RR 800 Stethoset receiver
Sennheiser TR 860 transmitter amongst charging station

At 17 hours from a unmarried charge, the battery life of the stethoset receiver is pretty long thank you lot to the built-in 800mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery.

Full accuse takes to a greater extent than or less 3 hours but if you lot perish along the stethoset receiver inward the charging dock they recharge automatically in addition to then you lot won’t fifty-fifty conduct maintain to intend close recharging them.

hearing profile push clit in addition to 3 LEDs on top
The charging dock L in addition to R buttons are designed for adjusting the book of the left in addition to correct earpieces to residue out the good on a weaker ear. You tin flame fifty-fifty switch from stereo good to mono good past times only asset downward the R push clit (stereo) or the L push clit (mono) along amongst the hearing profile push clit for 2 seconds.

3-pin connection in addition to magnets to perish along the headset inward place

The charging dock is likewise habitation to 4 LED bars to signal battery in addition to connectedness status. Three of those LED bars signal how much battery is left (two bars signal 12 hours of battery life remaining). When the stethoset receiver needs charging the battery ikon volition flash. The Set 860’s stethoset receiver likewise switches on in addition to off automatically later 10 minutes to foreclose the battery running flat.

The 4th LED bar on the charging dock of the Set 860 TV headphone system is a large LED located on the front end that indicates the transmission condition of the headset. This LED tin flame demo bluish or white or no light, which indicates stand-by mode. Blue LED indicates the spoken communication intelligibility push clit is turned on in addition to white LED when the spoken communication intelligibility push clit is turned off.


quick-release ability provide comes amongst adapters for EU, UK, U.S. in addition to AUS
Phihong Psac05r-050 5V 1A ability supply
power provide cable is 1.5 meters long
 the ability provide has a centre positive output connection amongst dimensions 2.1 x 5.5 x 9.5mm 
silicone ear tips
inside the box
easy to empathize user manual
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