Reviews Tigernu B3143 Laptop Handbag Commuter College Backpack

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When it comes to backpacks, it’s i for the coin in addition to 2 for the show! There are literary gazillions of backpacks to select from, all coming inwards unlike shapes in addition to sizes in addition to thus knowing what your requirements are actually goes a long ways to finding a groovy backpack for the money!

The B3143 laptop purse backpack past times Tigernu should hold upwards at the top of your listing of backpacks to select from equally it ticks most features you lot could e’er desire from a backpack. Plus, this backpack is practical also equally you lot tin purpose it equally mitt luggage to cause got on a bird or equally a commuting bag/college purse to popular off along all your run gear.

weighs 1 kilogram

The Tigernu B3143 laptop purse backpack is lightweight, robust in addition to it’s able to breathe on your dorsum cheers to private padding sections on the dorsum of the backpack that allow for air to circulate, preventing a sweaty backside.

The Tigernu B3143 backpack also has a compact size, making it perfect for those amongst dorsum problems equally you lot won’t cause got to worry virtually overloading your back.

total of 5 external zippered pockets

The outside of the B3143 backpack is made of H2O resistant nylon that does a skillful labor at keeping the contents dry out inwards an emergency province of affairs where you lot cause got to run for comprehend from the rain.

The lining within the backpack is made of polyester stuff in addition to integrates plenty of storage pockets in addition to fifty-fifty a zippered compartment for organizing your stuff within the backpack.

The Tigernu B3143 backpack easily holds a laptop equally good equally other bits in addition to pieces similar a alter of clothes, books, shoes, powerbank, etc.

There are a full of 2 zippered side pockets in addition to 5 external compartments, 3 on the forepart of the backpack in addition to 2 on the dorsum of the backpack. All the compartments come upwards amongst zippers, aside from the principal compartment which has lockable double zippers.

The dorsum compartments serve equally metro compartments that are out of sight from prying eyes. One of the dorsum compartments is big plenty to shop a laptop upwards to 17 inches inwards size. 

The other dorsum compartment is a zippered pocket that is 30cm long, 5cm deep in addition to 15cm high, making it perfect for storing a smartphone, credit cards, develop tickets, a tablet, etc.

adjustable buckles
As far equally the dorsum shoulder straps, they are sturdy padded in addition to amongst a curved sort that makes the straps sit down comfortable on your shoulders. 

The dorsum shoulder straps also integrate adjustable buckles equally good equally a loophole for hooking things similar a yoke of sunglasses.

Another neat characteristic you lot teach amongst the Tigernu B3143 backpack is a headphone passthrough that lets you lot loop a yoke of wired headphones into the principal compartment spell the backpack is locked..

padded breathable net turn a profit throughout, including the shoulder pads, grip in addition to back 
Tigernu B3143 measures 48cm high, 32cm broad in addition to 18cm deep
you tin purchase the Tigernu laptop backpack from AmazonGamiss
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