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Satellite navigation systems (a.k.a sat navs) receive got actually come upward along way since the days of the Honda Electro Gyro-Cator in addition to Oldsmobile GuideStar which were 2 of the get-go auto sat navs to come upward to market!

How far sat navs receive got come upward along is nighttime in addition to twenty-four hours when compared to the TomTom Go Essential sat nav which has an intuitive setup in addition to comes amongst useful features similar magnetic mountain in addition to WiFi support.

The TomTom Go Essential has built-in Wi-Fi which agency y’all tin access the Internet straight from the device to update the latest maps in addition to software without the need to connect to a PC similar y’all produce amongst other TomTom models such every bit the Start 62.

Speaking of TomTom models, non all of them come upward amongst the “lifetime services” (lifetime maps, lifetime TomTom traffic in addition to lifetime speed cameras) offered past times TomTom.

When getting a TomTom sat nav, y’all desire to instruct i that comes amongst “lifetime maps” at to the lowest degree because y’all cannot transfer these services to other TomToms. TomTom Services are access via your telephone when connected via bluetooth. There is no built-in SIM.

The TomTom Go Essential y’all run across inwards the pictures comes with “lifetime maps” in addition to “lifetime TomTom traffic” which agency maps in addition to traffic updates are continuously updated past times TomTom. While “lifetime speed cameras” is non lifetime, y’all produce instruct 6 months gratis of service.

On the Federal Reserve annotation of maps, the TomTom Go Essential comes also amongst “lifetime European maps” which covers upward to 48 countries inwards Europe, every bit good every bit restaurants, hotels, Points of Interest in addition to local speed limits (including the novel speed limits applicable inwards French Republic since July 1st, 2018).

It’s neat that the TomTom Go Essential comes amongst “lifetime European maps” because y’all would otherwise receive got to pay for the maps of europe.

Being able to access the Internet from the Go Essential is also bully because y’all tin access the TomTom Road Trips website to browse, filter in addition to explore routes created past times TomTom and other travelers.

TomTom Road Trips is a superb resources in addition to really useful to create route trip itineraries sec y’all tin add together scenic segments to the trip past times but dragging in addition to dropping your route on exceed of the scenic segments on the map in addition to you’re create to go.

TomTom Go Essential is also compatible amongst the TomTom MyDrive website so y’all tin also access it from the device. MyDrive is bully because it lets y’all import indicate of involvement (POI) files, GPS Exchange Format (GPX) files, in addition to favourites using MyDrive.

TomTom Go Essential also industrial plant inwards conjunction amongst phones thus y’all tin span to your smartphone thus the TomTom tin read aloud your messages/notifications, activate your vocalism assistant in addition to accept calls hands-free.

TomTom Go Essential connects to your telephone via bluetooth in addition to a gratis to download app called TomTom MyDrive app.

The 5-inch Wide VGA/WVGA (480 x 272 pixels) capacitive acquit upon concealment is fully interactive, pregnant y’all tin pinch, zoom or swipe, every bit good every bit tap the map, route in addition to icons. The resolution of the TomTom Go Essential (109PPI) is fantastic; inwards fact, it’s the same resolution y’all instruct amongst the QNIX QX2710 LED Evolution II 27-inch monitor.

The carte du jour pattern of the TomTom Go Essential is similar to thee Start 62 TomTom thus y’all instruct shortcuts to telephone commutation features such every bit nighttime mode, vocalism instructions on/off in addition to book level

With that said, the TomTom Go Essential features novel half dozen icons on the exceed correct corner of the concealment which includes wireless connection, bluetooth connection, MyDrive cloud storage, traffic information, battery indicator in addition to location finder.

While sat navs are meant to last used spell plugged inwards to the cigarette lighter of your car, it’s overnice that the TomTom Go Essential features an internal rechargeable battery which tin concluding upward to lx minutes.

In-map, y’all instruct half dozen primary buttons: primary carte du jour button, zoom buttons, switch stance button, electrical flow stance button, map symbols in addition to telephone button.

While driving, TomTom also displays the speed bound in addition to your electrical flow speed limit, estimated fourth dimension of arrival, distance/time to your arrival, traffic delay, route highlights in addition to distance to the adjacent highlight. With arrival information, y’all tin laid it to exhibit remaining distance only, remaining fourth dimension exclusively or switch betwixt fourth dimension in addition to distance automatically.

The guidance stance tin last laid to 3D stance or 2D stance facing the direction of go every bit viewed from above. 3D stance shows y’all driving through a street in addition to fifty-fifty the buildings which is perfect when next a route. You tin also laid state highway go out previews in addition to “automatic zoom” thus the device zooms inwards to the adjacent plow (or y’all tin plow it off completely).

Read aloud vocalism prompts (i.e. arrival time, early on instructions in addition to route numbers) are also a neat characteristic of sat navs which y’all instruct amongst the TomTom Go Essential also (you tin also disable them if y’all desire to).

Using the TomTom Go Essential is super slow cheers to the user-friendly interface in addition to integration of a route planner.

Simply click the menu, tap the search button, come inwards the cite of the address or house in addition to await for your finish to populate on the search result. If it doesn’t come upward up, y’all tin come inwards the address manually.

you tin modify the topic color of the dashboard
When y’all conduct an address or house y’all thus tap on Drive in addition to the route is planned along amongst clickable symbols such every bit petrol stations, exits, residue areas, cost zones in addition to stops that y’all tin click for to a greater extent than information. You receive got an pick to enable/disable data icons thus they don’t look in-map.

After your trip is completed y’all tin salve the finish thus it volition come upward up nether “Recent Destinations” that y’all tin conduct adjacent fourth dimension y’all go to the same place. The TomTom Go Essential is also really accurate in addition to reconfigures chop-chop when y’all accept a incorrect or option route.

The TomTom Go Essential sat nav comes with 16 GB of internal retention but the maps of europe are already preinstalled (v1011.9002) taking 12GB of infinite in addition to leaving y’all amongst 4.01GB of gratis infinite inwards the internal memory. With that said, the device also has micro SD card back upward up to 32 GB.

europe v1011.9002 4 months sometime (released appointment 5/2018)

The maps of europe receive got detailed 100% coverage of almost european countries including the Channel Islands in addition to the State of the Vatican City but non all. Countries which are non fully covered include Republic of Bulgaria 75%, Republic of Macedonia 77%, Moldova 52%, Russian Federation 82%, Turkey 92% in addition to Ukraine 65% .

Over xxx languages in addition to “spoken instructions” are also supported past times the TomTom Go Essential sat nav thus y’all tin modify the linguistic communication of the interface to whatever linguistic communication y’all desire in addition to receive got the spoken instructions last read inwards that linguistic communication also which is neat.

Accessories are a welcome add-on to whatever gadget in addition to amongst the Go Essential TomTom bundles inwards the Active Magnetic mountain in addition to charger which also includes a charging cable in addition to a 12v usb auto adapter. 
The magnetic mountain is also compatible amongst other Tomtom models including the Go 520, Go 5200, Go 620, Go 6200, Go Professional 520, Go Professional 620, Go Professional 6200 in addition to the Go Professional 6250.
ball articulation on the mountain lets y’all lets y’all adjust angle
charging cable inserted into charging port located on the mount
TomTom Go Essential Model: 4PN50 – 4PN5.001.02
user manual
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